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"The transition between a founder and her successor is the most traumatic event in a young organization's maturity."

The definitive guide for succeeding an organization's founder.

Available at Amazon, and bookstores everywhere.

 "required reading for any founder"

 "practical advice that will resonate "

 “DFIU skips through all the BS and tells it the way it is."

 "save yourself much pain by learning from Les’ insights and the best practices he has developed”

 "a prerequisite for all start-up founders"

"essential reading for anyone faced with the prospect of taking over

from a founder"

 " the most valuable read for any new CEO that I have found"

"One of the 26 Favorite Books of High Achievers"


"Cautionary Tales in Steadfast Leadership"

"A must read"

"The only book on the market that provides a step by step process for determining when its time to bring on the next CEO and how to do it."
"recommended by founders, executives, and other high achievers."
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